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There is one thing we all have in common and that is time. No matter who we are, where we live, what our profession is, or what we have or don't have, young or old. Today is the beginning of brand new year; we have 365 days or 8,760 hours of time ahead of us. The question we need to ask ourselves, is "how will we use this precious gift of time in 2019?".

My prayer for each one of us, is that we will use this precious gift of time wisely. The Bible says in James 1:5 if anyone lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously.....

I find if I plan my time, I accomplish more than if I just let the day happen, having a schedule is vital to good time management, just as a budget is for good financial management.

Let us make a determined effort this year to begin each new day, by surrendering our-lives to Him and asking Him to plan our day. Have a prosperous and healthy New Year.


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