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Choices- Choices - Choices

Love is a choice not a feeling I heard the Holy Spirit whisper in my ear. This was a completely new concept to me. As I thought about it I began to feel like there was hope for my marriage, I did not have to rely on my feelings, I just had to make choices; ok Lord how and where do I start. An idea had popped into my head that I should write down some positive things about Andrew so I said to God, "ok God this is your idea, so show me what kind of man Andrew is in your eyes".

I was amazed at how quickly God answered my request. I began to write a letter to Andrew; it went something like this


Andrew I see you as a man of integrity, I see you as kind person. I see a man whose heart is after God. I see someone who is committed to do God's will. You are a man who will speak against unrighteousness. I want you to know Andrew that I love you and I am thankful that God brought you into my life.

As I read to myself what I had written, I immediately heard the voice of the devil nagging in my ear "liar, you don't love him, you are just a hypocrite". But the Holy Spirit continued to whisper the words. "Love is a choice not a feeling". I made a decision that I would give the letter to Andrew and I would choose to tell him that I loved him and respected him as a man of God. I wondered in my heart what sort of response I would get.....

There is no relationship that is beyond Gods redemptive power.

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Liz Modlin
Liz Modlin
Dec 27, 2018

Great thoughts Grethe. Yes with everything we have a choice. Life seems to be made up of good or bad choices. Our attitudes will always determine the outcome.

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