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New life - New Hope

When I decided to follow Jesus, it changed my life forever and as I look back over my life, it is by far the best decision I have ever made. However it did not take very long for me to realise that whatever relationship issues Andrew and I had, they were still there. Andrew and I were like chalk and cheese, we had very little in common. The one thing however that we did now have in common was, we both loved Jesus and more than anything we wanted to serve Him and live for Him and I definitely did not want to put our children through another divorce. One day I was sitting in a park complaining to God about all the things that were wrong with Andrew and telling God that if our relationship was to not end in divorce, then He (God) would have to change Andrew. To my horror I heard these words "shut up Grethe, stop worrying about what has to change in Andrew, and lets talk about what needs to change in you". This came as quite a shock to me because, back then, I thought I was pretty ok, and I thought if Andrew changes then everything will be fine. After I recovered from the shock of what the Holy Spirit was saying to me, I said OK Lord, show me what I need to do.


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