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Stay Calm

Isaiah 7:4 (TPT) Give him/her this message. "Stay calm! Be quiet and guard your heart! Don't panic or be discouraged over these two smouldering stubs of firewood."

We all go through times when it feels like satan has launched an attack against us. The above verse tells us how to handle those times

  • Stay calm.

  • Don't let your emotions overtake you, but bring each one to the Lord so He can refine you.

  • Don't explode.

  • Don't overreact.

  • Don't exchange faith for fear.

  • Guard your heart.

  • Don't panic.

Some of our biggest and seemingly insurmountable trials are nothing more than smouldering stubs of wood in the eye's of our Heavenly Father.

If we could see things from His point of view, we would all feel a lot less stressed.

If we can learn to go immediately to Him in times of crisis and find His presence so we can get His perspective.

Too often, we depend on our own understanding, frantically searching for answers that only He can give.

In times of trouble, let us not react but intentionally step back to find HIM.

Prayer: Father, in times of trouble, You alone are our refuge and peace. When it feels as if the

world is crumbling around us, and we feel ourselves succumbing to fear, wrap us in Your arms and pull us close. Help us to remember that you are in control, and we are not. You will work out the details, in Your time and in Your way. AMEN AMEN AMEN


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