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Trust & Truth

Our relationship started to blossom when I changed my behaviour and used words of affirmation towards Andrew. As time went on it became easier and easier to choose to say "I love you Andrew" those choices in time became truth. Any successful relationship must be built on truth and trust. One night Andrew and I went out for dinner and we decided that we would tell each other everything about our past, because we wanted a relationship that was built on truth and trust. We did not want to have any secrets. It was quite hard but by the end of the night we knew everything about each other. We had cemented our relationship with truth and truth always creates trust.

It takes a long time to build trust in a relationship but it only takes one little lie to destroy it. Keeping secrets takes a lot of energy, because you have to remember what lies you told and one lie leads to more lies and so on.....

Trust and truth are two interrelated pillars of a strong relationship, whether it is a marriage relationship, friendship or work.


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