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Love & Forgive

Watching a TV reality program called "look me in the eye" I saw that the two most powerful weapons that we have as human beings are "love" and "Forgiveness".  There is no force in the universe that that can fight against love and forgiveness.  Whatever we are battling with in life is won by loving and forgiving.

The devil is scared of us finding out this simple truth, because every demonic influence has to submit to Love and Forgiveness.

  • Hatred has to surrender to love and forgiveness 

  • Offences have to surrender to love and forgiveness

  • Hurts are healed through love and forgiveness

  • Anger melts away through love and forgiveness 

Love and forgiveness gives us hope, fills our soul with peace and joy.

We are not created to carry offences, and be unforgiving.  All of this can cause sickness in our bodies.

  • Love and forgiveness does not judge

  • Love and forgiveness builds trust

The Bible says ( Ephesians 6:12) we do not fight flesh and blood, but principalities and powers of darkness.  Love and forgiveness conquers all principalities and powers of darkness.  That's how easy it is to win a spiritual war. Love and forgive.

Walking in un-forgiveness, offences, hurts and judgement, gives the devil permission to attack us.  By making a single choice of loving and forgiving, takes away his (devil) right to touch us.


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