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Choices & Words

After my little whinge in the park to God about Andrew, it was time for me to take a good long hard look at my self and allow God to show me what He saw in me that needed changing. I did not like what I saw. He showed me that I was full of self-righteousness. Any good relationship be it marriage or friendship needs to bring out the best in each other. I was not bringing out the best in Andrew, but, what I was doing, was constantly pulling him down by my words and my actions. God showed me that I could choose to either build him up with words of encouragement or I could destroy him with my words of constant criticism.

Back then criticism came natural to me, words of encouragement did not!! in fact, to my horror I realised that I did not like or love this person that was my husband, how could I possible encourage him. A little voice whispered in my ear "Love is a choice not a feeling".


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